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We all want to be physically and mentally healthy and we all know how much that depends on how we feed our bodies. Especially in these days when it’s quiet fashionable to dig into experiment with nuances of diets. However, wise eating is not enough for ensuring the full quality of life. Often people are not aware that the very strong instinct of an adult person – the need which is often neglected is our sexual drive. Our sexuality – the sexual and creative energy is directly and indirectly if used wisely, is the strongest basis and cornerstone of our psychical and mental health, the way towards fulfilled life.


This time we will turn our attention to Positive Sexuality, which emphasizes the sexual wellbeing. Everyone is capable of developing their sexuality which actually means the capacity to desire, explore and be motivated. An important prerequisite though is to acknowledge “Sex is good for me, it gives me joy” – people who use their sexuality merely to please the other sooner or later start to neglect it.


Sexuality is one of many sources of pleasure. It is considered as a Positive personal resource. It isn’t a static characteristic, but it develops and reveals itself step by step with years and experience. The sexuality at the age of 20 is not the same as in 40, 60 and 80 and in favourable conditions it has the peculiarity to only improve. Sexuality primarily is focused on oneself and only one of its aspects involves sharing the pleasure with your partner.


Humour as a positive defence mechanism often saves us from fear made by the Unknown, hiding in the depths of our sexuality. So let’s meet with our favourite about sex in our pockets, because this meeting will be about how to enjoy and celebrate our sexuality – our bodies, sexual impulses and desires, our partner, how to live a life where jokes about sex is a stable bridge towards deeper understanding of ones sexual awareness and self-understanding.

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