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C O N T A C T   M E

P E R S O N A L   D E V E L O P M E N T  


The aim of growth groups is to increase the client’s practical and theoretical know-how for solving various substantial issues.

The process is based on the principles of group therapy and psychological support groups. By gaining knowledge and experience, individuals learn to better understand themselves and others, develop communication skills and react more adequately towards others, including authority figures.


Our lives are usually seen in a particular relationship context, therefore growth groups are especially beneficial as they take place in a social setting. Subconscious and previously unknown difficulties tend to unravel vicariously, in a sense that they can never be completely resolved by a socially isolated person who doesn’t interact with the experiences of others.


Growth groups provide an opportunity to encounter personal challenges in a safe and professionally controlled environment, thereby delivering an experience that can help to overcome these challenges more productively.


Life is an echo. What you send - comes back. What you sow - you reap. What

you give - you get. What you see in others - exists in you.

C O N T A C T   M E


The lectures and series aim to give opportunity to gain deeper understanding about such for personality development and improvement essential topics as personality identity, self-realization, sexuality, partnership, personality challenges, which are rooted in the sexual nature of a human, personality sexual autonomy, erotic independence and intelligence, gender identity, sexual self-awareness as a basis for a healthy and strong personality, sexual orientation, sexuality in relationships and it’s importance, sexuality during pregnancy and during the post-natal period, child entering the family as a challenge for preserving and keeping the couple’s intimacy, the challenges of modern sexualized age in keeping healthy relationships with our bodies and psyche, taboo and sexual competence, the misunderstood femininity and masculinity, the lack/loss of sexual drive/interest/libido and it’s recovery, desire, passion, flirt, humour etc.


Knowledge is power.

            / Francis Bacon /

C O N T A C T   M E


The aim of the practical seminars is to raise a discussion about realisation and celebration of sexuality as a vital part of human experience. Seminars will encourage an exploration of desire, discovery of the tools to reach erotic independence and building a reality rooted in pleasure and sexual wellbeing.

The offered seminars will give you the knowledge and practical experience dealing with topics about

Personality identity;

Gender identity;

Personality challenges rooted in sexual nature as a crucial part of personality development and fulfilment;

Erotic intelligence;

Sexual awareness as part of healthy and strong personality;

Sexual orientation;

The challenges of maintaining healthy relationships with our body and psyche in our sexualized age;

Taboo and sexual competence;

The misunderstood femininity and masculinity;

The loss of sexual desire and interest, its recovery;

Passion and flirt, the dynamics of partnership;

Love and attachment, trust and betrayal;

Sexuality in partnership;

Monogamy and its challenges;

Sexuality during pregnancy and post-natal period;

Child entering the family and its challenges in keeping the intimacy;


The goal of the practical seminars is to offer knowledge and skills based in experience so as to use your sexuality as a positive personality resource leading to deeper self-awareness and self-realisation.


The day you decide that you are more interested in being aware of your thoughts than you are in the thoughts themselves – that is the day you will find your way out.

/ Michael Singer /

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