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Illustration by Olimpia Zagnoli

The explorer of humour and human sexuality, the father of psychoanalyses Sigmund Freud once playing with numbers and their sound in German and English made a joke, which later became an object of much exploration and contemplation within the circle of his followers and other researchers of sexuality – “What comes between Vier “fear” and Sechs “sex” ? It’s Funf “fun” !


Humour is considered to be a medium for indirect communication, which we use in situations that are uncomfortable or “taboo”. It is a positive immature defence mechanism which protects the psyche from such unpleasant emotions as fear and alarm. Laughter and jokes help us to reduce our insecurities which arise due to the clash of “moral requirements” and the “inborn sexual drive”. Every one of us has experienced a situation when in the labyrinths of the sexual life find oneself only a step away from seeming situation of shame and humiliation but only the right joke said in the right moment has saved you from a terrible disaster?

This seminar will not be about how by using topics concerning our sexuality and sexual relationship bring fun and entertainment in parties or intimate conversations


This seminar will be about how humour as a positive defence mechanism which often saves us from fears made by the Unknown which hides in the depths of our poorly known sexuality


This seminar will not be about how to transform one’s sexual energy and channel it into joyful creative activities such as painting, dances, gardening and hand craft or into heights of our carrier accomplishments or feed our imagination of the dream partnership.


This seminar will be about how to approach your tameless and instinctive sexual nature, to learn it, except and respect it.


This seminar will not be about the tricks of Kamasutra lovemaking, three most comfortable sex positions, the potential of female orgasm and providing the man yet new and new sexual experiences (about all that in some other time)


This seminar will be about how to rejoice your sexuality, your body, your sexual impulses and desires and with mutual respect share that with your partner.


This seminar will be about how to give into life, where jokes about sex is a stable bridge towards understanding and awareness of your sexuality.

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