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Touch is the first tactile signal which we feel and learn. Starting by the vibrations of mother’s heart our bodies sense the soft vibrations and caresses which build up trust and attachment. We realise ourselves being in closeness. Touches is one of our basic needs. It is important to acknowledge that the effect of each touch depends not so much on where we touch the body but how we touch it. The most sensitive zone fins itself deep in our heart and hands are the extension of the heart. We make miracles and love with our hands. The language of touch is the one in which the most intimate and deepest communication between lovers happen, this is where the ultimate togetherness happens.

The program:


Learn the anatomy of Touch, its physiology and its healing potential


Acknowledge your experience of touch in cultural and historical context, discover your comfort and discomfort zones


Explore the traditions of Touch in your ancestry, find resource and strength in it


Discover the backstage of the culture of touch in your partnership thereby finding a way for deeper intimacy and closeness


Explore the potential of touch in acknowledging of your sexuality and sensuality


Learn the sensual massage elements in building the intimacy in your partnership

(demonstration on a model)


Practical work with your experience


Expand your comfort zone


Bring new experiences in your partnership

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